Any lover of color Canaries, also non members of the A.N.B.v.V., can sign up as a member.

The dues for the year 2014 amounts to € 20.00.

After your application is received, the contribution of the above-mentioned amount has transferred on bank account no. NL72INGB0003872128 attn. to Speciaalclub Kleur, you obtain of the subcription confirmation that your membership is a fact. Contribution: Dutch Members: 20 euro a year. Athor Members: 25 euro a year. (from 01-01-2015)   For foreign payments, you should use the following information: –          IBAN: NL72INGB0003872128 –          BIC   : INGBNL2A Can log on in the following ways: By mail to: Mr. Ing. J.W. (Jeroen) Nijenhof Wethouder Koenenstraat 21 6566 XD Millingen aan de Rijn Per e-mail to: E-mail Via the registration form that you find under the membership button.   Logoff for december 1th of the current calendar year shall be effected at the subcription.